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THALIA Acrylic Lace 6 Light Chandelier Chrome

THALIA Acrylic Lace 6 Light Chandelier Chrome

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Product Description:

The Acrylic Lace Chandelier is truly a work of art like you have never seen before. The acrylic material along the hidden LED strip will make you marvel and wonder how the chandelier lights up. When lit, it resembles floating light in space without being attached to anything. It will truly become a focal point in any space you hang it.

This chandelier has 5 acrylic abstract sheets that hang from a main round canopy. All of the sheets are individual to one another and have slightly different shapes. Each one hands from its own wire and it is adjustable on its own. You can create different designs and hang it as desired. The design creates an intricate and beautiful visual that will add a fun allure, while maintaining a contemporary design and aesthetic to any space.

This fixture comes with a round canopy  that measures 22" in diameter 1.5" in height. The fixture also has adjustable wires so that you can shorten or lengthen the measurement according to your needs, Since each wire is independently adjustable, you can use this fixture in a sloped ceiling by having a shorter wire and a longer one. The maximum hanging length for each wire is 12 feet.


  • Adjustable length - each up to 12 feet -
  • Canopy Size, round 22 Inch Diameter
  • Lumens: 1982
  • Watts: 18
  • Color Temperature 4000K 
  • Dimmable, dimmer not included
  • CRI: 80
  • Finish: Chrome Canopy
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