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SWIRL Black Table Lamp LED Strip

SWIRL Black Table Lamp LED Strip

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Product Description:

The SWIRL Black Table Lamp LED Strip exudes modern elegance with its sleek aluminum construction and matte black finish. Standing at a height of 16 inches and with a width of 6 inches, it makes a striking statement while seamlessly complementing any contemporary decor. Emitting a cool light, it infuses spaces with a refreshing ambiance, perfect for illuminating bedside tables, desks, or reading nooks. The integrated LED strip ensures energy-efficient lighting with a soft, glare-free glow, ideal for tasks or creating a cozy atmosphere. Elevate your space with the SWIRL Black Table Lamp LED Strip—a fusion of style, functionality, and minimalist design.


  • Sleek Design: The SWIRL Black Table Lamp LED Strip boasts a modern and minimalist aesthetic, enhancing any space with its sleek aluminum construction and matte black finish.
  • Compact Size: With dimensions of W6" x H16", this table lamp is compact and space-efficient, making it suitable for various tabletops, desks, or nightstands.
  • Integrated LED Strip: Featuring an integrated LED strip, the lamp provides efficient and long-lasting illumination, while also offering energy savings compared to traditional bulbs.
  • Cool Light Emission: Emitting a cool light, this lamp creates a refreshing ambiance, making it ideal for tasks like reading or working, as well as for adding a contemporary touch to living spaces.
  • Glare-Free Lighting: The LED strip ensures gentle and glare-free illumination, reducing eye strain and providing comfortable lighting for extended periods of use.
  • Versatile Placement: Its compact size and versatile design allow for easy placement in various areas of the home, providing both functional lighting and stylish accentuation to any room.


  •  LED Strip 
  •  Cool Light
  •  Material: Aluminum and Silicone  
  •  Color: Matte Black
  • Size: W6" x H16"
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