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ROMBO 3 Bottle Stainless Steel Wine Holder

ROMBO 3 Bottle Stainless Steel Wine Holder

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Product Description:

Rombo, a sophisticated stainless steel wine holder, seamlessly combines sleek design and functionality. Its diamond-shaped configuration beautifully cradles bottles, offering a visually stunning and space-efficient way to display your wine collection. Elevate your décor with this modern centerpiece that exudes contemporary elegance.


  • Stainless Steel construction: Crafted with enduring stainless steel, Rombo boasts both resilience and modern allure. Its sturdy construction ensures lasting quality, complementing its sleek design. This stainless steel wine holder embodies durability and style, providing a chic platform to showcase your prized wine collection.
  • Great looks: Rombo exudes sheer elegance with its captivating design. The sleek stainless steel finish combines with its unique diamond-shaped structure, creating a visually stunning display. It's not just a wine holder; it's a statement piece that seamlessly blends great looks with functionality, adding sophistication to any space.
  • Decorative Piece: Rombo isn't merely a wine holder; it's a striking decorative accent. Its chic stainless steel design and distinctive shape make it a conversation starter. Beyond functionality, it's a piece of art that elevates your space, transforming your wine collection into a visually captivating display that adds flair and sophistication to your decor.


  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Holds 3 Bottles
  • Size: 8"W X 6"L X 17"H
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