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Red Rose Round Wall Clock

Red Rose Round Wall Clock

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Product Description:

Introducing our Red Rose Round Wall Clock—a timeless and elegant addition to your home decor that seamlessly blends sophistication with functionality. Elevate your living space with the beauty of a blooming red rose. 


  • Captivating Red Rose Design: The clock features a stunning red rose in full bloom, creating a romantic and visually enchanting focal point on your wall. The intricate details of the rose add a touch of nature-inspired elegance to your decor.
  • Acrylic Construction: Crafted from high-quality acrylic, the clock is not only durable but also lightweight. The clear acrylic material enhances the vibrant red color of the rose, creating a sleek and modern aesthetic.
  • Quartz Mechanism: Ensure accurate timekeeping with the reliable quartz mechanism. The clock is equipped with precise movement for consistent and dependable performance, allowing you to keep track of time in style.
  • Round Shape: The classic round shape of the clock adds a sense of symmetry and balance to your wall decor. Its versatile design allows it to seamlessly complement various interior styles, from traditional to contemporary.
  • Rich Red Color Palette: The deep red hues of the rose infuse a sense of warmth and passion into your space. Whether placed in the living room, bedroom, or dining area, the Red Rose Round Wall Clock becomes a timeless and eye-catching piece.
  • Easy-to-Read Numbers: The clock features clearly marked numbers for effortless readability. The functional design ensures that you can quickly check the time while appreciating the beauty of the intricate red rose.
  • Ready for Wall Mounting: The clock comes with all the necessary hardware for easy and secure wall mounting. Transform your space effortlessly and showcase your appreciation for timeless beauty with the Red Rose Round Wall Clock.


  • Acrylic Clock with Quartz Mechanism
  • Product Dimensions: 13.5"L X 1"W X 13.5"H or 17.5"L X 1"W X 17.5"H
  • Net Weight: 5 lbs

Infuse a sense of romance and refinement into your home with this Red Rose Round Wall Clock. It's not just a timekeeping device; it's a sophisticated piece of art that enhances the overall aesthetic of your living space.

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