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Neon Light Acrylic Picture

Neon Light Acrylic Picture

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Introducing our electrifying Wall Art - a Neon Light Acrylic Picture, presented as a stunning Acrylic Triptych. With its beveled edges, back frame for easy hanging, and three individual panels measuring 26x39" each and a total length W79" X D1" X H39", this piece is a visual masterpiece that combines contemporary flair and convenience.


  • Neon Light Acrylic Picture: Our Wall Art boasts a captivating Neon Light design that's masterfully transferred onto high-quality acrylic. The striking luminance and electrifying colors make this artwork an instant focal point, igniting your decor with energy and style.
  • Back Frame for Easy Hanging: Hanging your wall art should be a breeze. Our piece comes equipped with a back frame, ensuring a straightforward and secure installation. Say goodbye to complicated setups and hello to effortless decor enhancement.
  • Large Panels: Each of the three panels measures an impressive 26x39", providing substantial coverage and a commanding presence on your wall. This generous size ensures that your Neon Light Acrylic Picture stands out and captures attention.
  • Acrylic Triptych: This artwork is thoughtfully crafted as a triptych, composed of three individual panels that harmonize to create a visually compelling and complete image. The triptych design adds depth and dimension to your decor, making it an eye-catching conversation starter.
  • Beveled Edge: The beveled edges add a modern and sleek touch to this wall art, enhancing its contemporary appeal. They create a subtle frame effect, making the artwork pop off the wall.


  • Acrylic Tryptic
  • Beveled Edge
  • Back Frame for Easy Hanging
  • 3 Panels of 26X39"
  • Total length W79" X D1" X H39"
  • KL-006 ABC
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