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LUMARA Modern Arc Design Table Lamp Led Strip

LUMARA Modern Arc Design Table Lamp Led Strip

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Product Description:

This Modern Arc table lamp can be the perfect addition to your lighting needs in your home or office space. The lamp is a neutral white light of 4000 kelvins and 540 lumens. This modern Arc table lamp is chrome and has an integrated LED strip of 6 watts. 

This table lamp will bring an artistic and modern style to your space, even when not turned on in use.  

This Modern Arc Design LED lamp is great for a corner , living room, bedroom, office, any tight spaces, even as a studio lamp. This lamp features an aluminum and acrylic base with the integrated LED strip covered with a silicone cover. This brings you the greatest looks in modern and contemporary lighting so that you can step up your interior decorating skills to the next level. 


  •  LED strip 
  •  6 watts 
  •  Light Temperature: 4000K 
  •  540 Lumens 
  •  Weight: 4 Lbs 
  •  Height: 20 inches 
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