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LOOMIS 4-drawer Office Desk Whitewashed Grey

LOOMIS 4-drawer Office Desk Whitewashed Grey

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Product Description:

Revamp your contemporary home office with our spacious Contemporary Office Desk, designed to elevate your workspace while keeping your supplies organized. Featuring a light and bright whitewashed grey finish, this desk maintains a clean and modern aesthetic, adding a touch of sophistication to your office decor. The sleek sled-style base in grey complements the overall design, creating a cohesive look that enhances the visual appeal of your workspace. With four drawers, including a deep file drawer, you can efficiently organize important documents and office essentials, ensuring easy access whenever needed. The gunmetal-finished pulls on the drawers add a stylish contrast while providing a functional element to the desk's design.


  • Contemporary Design: Elevate your contemporary home office with this spacious desk, featuring a light and bright whitewashed grey finish that adds a modern touch to your workspace, creating a clean and stylish aesthetic.
  • Spacious Workspace: With ample surface area, this desk provides plenty of space for working on projects, organizing paperwork, or using a computer, allowing you to maximize productivity and efficiency in your home office.
  • Organizational Storage: Four drawers, including a deep file drawer, offer ample storage space for organizing important documents, office supplies, and other essentials, helping you maintain a clutter-free workspace and stay organized.
  • Sleek Base Design: The sled-style base in grey not only adds stability and support to the desk but also complements the overall design, enhancing the contemporary aesthetic of your home office.
  • Gunmetal-Finished Pulls: The drawers are equipped with gunmetal-finished pulls that provide easy access to your stored items while adding a stylish contrast to the whitewashed grey finish, enhancing the visual appeal of the desk.


  • Size: W60.00" x D23.50" x H30.50"
  • Weight: 99.00 lbs
  • Color: Grey
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