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EXCEL Modern Sectional Grey Right Chaise

EXCEL Modern Sectional Grey Right Chaise

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Product Description:

Discover the perfect sectional that combines the extravagance of modern living with environmental consciousness. Incorporate this captivating piece into your collection and allow the Grey Eco Leather Right Chaise Sectional to serve as a wellspring of inspiration, comfort, and an embodiment of contemporary living.


  • Contemporary Sophistication: Our Modern Sectional Grey Right Chaise redefines modern luxury. Its sleek design and grey eco leather upholstery exude sophistication, making it an ideal addition to any contemporary living space.
  • Eco Leather Comfort: The full eco leather upholstery offers a sumptuous feel while adhering to environmentally responsible living. It's the epitome of modern comfort and sustainability.
  • Sturdy, Thick Material: Crafted with thick, high-quality material, this sectional is built to withstand the test of time. The robust construction ensures durability, making it a solid investment in both style and comfort.
  • Chrome Legs for Contemporary Flair: The chrome legs introduce a touch of modern aesthetics, elevating the sectional's overall look. They provide stability and seamlessly blend classic comfort with modern design.
  • Right Chaise Configuration: The right chaise configuration offers flexibility and is perfect for relaxation, socializing, or simply unwinding. It's a practical solution for contemporary living.


  •  Full Eco Leather
  • Thick Material
  • Chrome Legs
  • Weight 228 lbs
  • Size: W115" X D77" X H37"
  • LD-901-GRAY/RIGHT 
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