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EVANGELINE 3-piece Vanity Set

EVANGELINE 3-piece Vanity Set

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Product Description:

Elevate your daily beauty routine to a luxurious experience with the Evangeline vanity set, a trio of elegance designed to enhance both functionality and style in your dressing area:


  • Ample Storage and Charging Convenience: The Evangeline desk features spacious drawers with felt lining, providing ample storage space to organize your beauty essentials. Additionally, built-in charging ports ensure convenient access to power for your devices, keeping you connected and ready for any occasion.
  • Perfect Angles with Tri-Fold Mirror: The set includes a tri-fold mirror that allows you to achieve perfect angles and precision in your beauty tasks. Adjustable side mirrors ensure optimal visibility, allowing you to create flawless makeup looks with ease.
  • Chic and Comfortable Stool: Complete your vanity ensemble with the chic stool featuring plush ivory chenille upholstery. Not only does it offer luxurious comfort, but its sleek design allows it to tuck away neatly under the desk, saving space in your dressing area.
  • Glamorous Design Details: Each piece of the Evangeline vanity set showcases a soft silver finish adorned with glittering trim and crystal-style knobs, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to your space. The elegant design elements elevate the aesthetic appeal of your dressing area, creating a captivating focal point.
  • Blend of Glamour and Functionality: The Evangeline vanity set seamlessly blends glamour with functionality, offering a stylish and practical solution for your beauty needs. Whether you're getting ready for a special event or simply pampering yourself, this set provides the perfect combination of elegance and efficiency.


  • Vanity Table Size: W53.25" x D19.00" x H30.25"
  • Weight: 90.38 lbs
  • Vanity Mirror Size: W44.50" x D2.25" x H39.25"
  • Weight: 38.58 lbs
  • Vanity Stool Size: W24.25" x D15.75" x H19.00"
  • Weight: 12.12 lbs
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