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Cuban Flag Square Wall Clock

Cuban Flag Square Wall Clock

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Product Description:

Introducing our Cuban Flag Square Wall Clock—a bold and patriotic timepiece that not only keeps you on schedule but also celebrates the vibrant spirit of Cuba. Infuse your space with a touch of cultural pride and modern functionality. 


  • Cuban Flag Design: Immerse yourself in the rich colors and symbolic elements of the Cuban flag elegantly displayed on the clock face. This design pays homage to the island nation's unique heritage.
  • Acrylic Construction: Crafted from high-quality acrylic, this clock combines durability with a sleek aesthetic, adding a contemporary touch to your walls.
  • Quartz Mechanism: Enjoy precise and reliable timekeeping with the quartz movement, ensuring that you stay punctual while showcasing your cultural appreciation.
  • Square Aesthetic: The square shape of the clock provides a modern and dynamic visual impact, making it a standout feature in any room.
  • Versatile Placement: Perfect for living rooms, offices, or any space where you want to express your love for Cuba, this clock serves as both a functional timekeeping device and a patriotic statement.
  • Easy to Read: The clock features clear numerals, making it easy to read at a glance, while the bold colors of the Cuban flag add vibrancy to your decor.
  • Cultural Expression: Beyond its practical purpose, this clock is a symbol of cultural expression, allowing you to showcase your connection to Cuba in a stylish and meaningful way.


  • Acrylic Clock with Quartz Mechanism
  • Product Dimensions: 13.5"L X 1"W X 13.5"H or 17.5"L X 1"W X 17.5"H
  • Net Weight: 5 lbs

Make a statement with the Cuban Flag Square Wall Clock—a unique blend of timekeeping and cultural pride that adds a distinctive touch to your home or office.

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