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Lotus Aquarium

Lotus Aquarium

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Product Description:

"Transforming Lotto flowers into captivating resin art: carefully preserve vibrant petals in resin-filled glass. Each bloom encapsulated in a shimmering, timeless embrace, preserving nature's lottery in a stunning display. A fusion of chance and beauty, creating an everlasting masterpiece to adorn any space with wonder and elegance"


  • Preservation: Lotto flowers are meticulously preserved within crystal-clear resin, capturing their delicate beauty for eternity.
  • Transparency: The glass vessel provides a transparent view, allowing appreciation of every intricate detail of the preserved blooms.
  • Durability: The resin coating ensures durability, protecting the flowers from decay and maintaining their vivid colors over time.
  • Customization: Each creation is unique, offering the opportunity to customize the arrangement and composition of flowers within the glass.
  • Versatility: The finished piece can serve as a decorative ornament, paperweight, or even a functional element like a coaster, adding beauty to any setting.
  • Sentimentality: Lotto flowers, imbued with the luck of the draw, hold a symbolic significance, making the finished piece a meaningful gift or keepsake.


  • W24" x D7.5" x H8.5"
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