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ASTRID Black Enamel Trigon Tray

ASTRID Black Enamel Trigon Tray

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Product Description:

Introducing the Trigon Tray – Triangle Shape Cast Aluminum Footed Bowl


  • Unique Triangle Shape: The Trigon Tray boasts a distinctive triangle shape, setting it apart as a unique and eye-catching decor piece. The sleek lines and geometric design make it a modern and sophisticated addition to your home.
  • Contrasting Finishes: This version of the Trigon Tray features a stylish contrast between the top and bottom finishes. The top is elegantly finished in black, while the bottom shines with a polished and reflective surface, creating a visually dynamic and appealing look.
  • Versatile Use: Whether placed on a console, side table, or used as a centerpiece, the Trigon Tray is versatile in its application. Its sleek design allows it to seamlessly integrate into various interior styles, adding a touch of contemporary elegance.
  • Comfortable Fit for Fillers: The three slightly curved corners of the tray are designed to provide a comfortable fit for spheres or other types of decorative fillers. This feature enhances the versatility of the tray, allowing you to personalize its appearance to suit your style.
  • Durable Cast Aluminum: Crafted from durable cast aluminum, the Trigon Tray ensures longevity and sturdiness. The material's quality construction not only contributes to the tray's durability but also maintains its elegant appearance over time.
  • Stylish Console or Centerpiece: Whether used as a stylish addition to a console or as a captivating centerpiece on a dining or coffee table, the Trigon Tray effortlessly elevates the visual appeal of any space. Its contemporary design makes it an ideal focal point in modern interiors.
  • Easy to Clean: Maintaining the Trigon Tray's sleek appearance is hassle-free. A simple wipe with a soft, damp cloth keeps it looking pristine, ensuring it remains a chic and polished part of your decor.
  • Ideal Gift for Modern Living: Looking for a chic and modern gift? The Trigon Tray is a perfect choice for those who appreciate contemporary design. Its unique shape, contrasting finishes, and versatile functionality make it a thoughtful and stylish present.


  • Product Dimension: 14in W x 14in D x 4in H
  • Product Material: Aluminum

Elevate your home decor with the Trigon Tray – a triangle-shaped cast aluminum footed bowl that combines modern aesthetics with versatile functionality. Whether showcasing fillers or standing alone, this tray promises to be a standout piece in your contemporary living space.

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