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RITA X-cross Square Ottoman

RITA X-cross Square Ottoman

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Product Description:

Transform your modern space with our contemporary ottoman, featuring a stylish geometric silhouette and X-frame chrome metal base with a sleek silver finish. The seat cushion offers just the right level of padding for comfortable sitting and footrest function, wrapped in white leatherette for an energetic aesthetic. Whether paired with a sofa or used as a standalone decor accent, this ottoman adds a fresh, invigorating touch to any room.


  • Stylish Geometric Silhouette: The ottoman showcases a modern geometric silhouette, enhancing the contemporary vibe of your space.
  • Sleek Chrome Metal Base: Its X-frame chrome metal base boasts a shiny silver finish, adding a touch of sophistication to the design.
  • Comfortable Seat Cushion: With the perfect amount of padding, the seat cushion provides comfortable seating and footrest function.
  • White Leatherette Upholstery: Wrapped in white leatherette, the ottoman exudes energy and modernity, elevating the overall aesthetic.
  • Versatile Functionality: This ottoman works well when paired with a sofa or chair and also shines as a standalone decor accent, offering both style and function.


  • Size: W22.00" x D22.00" x H20.00"
  • Seat Size: W22.00" x D22.00" x H20.00"
  • Weight: 17.38 lbs
  • Color: White, Chrome
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