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PHOENIX Rectangular Standing Floor Mirror

PHOENIX Rectangular Standing Floor Mirror

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Product Description:

Ensure you're impeccably styled from head to toe with this sleek floor mirror, designed to complement your dressing area or bedroom decor effortlessly:


  • Simple Yet Elegant Design: This floor mirror boasts a timeless and minimalist design, allowing you to focus on your reflection without any distractions. Its understated style adds sophistication to any space, making it the perfect accessory for your daily grooming routine.
  • Convenient Stand: Equipped with a sturdy stand in the back, this mirror offers reliable support and stability, allowing you to angle it to your desired position with ease. Whether you're checking your outfit or adjusting your accessories, you can rely on this mirror to stay securely in place.
  • Versatile Placement: With its standalone design, this floor mirror can be placed in any corner of your bedroom or dressing room to serve as a distinctive focal point of your decor. Whether you prefer it against a wall or positioned in an open space, it effortlessly enhances the aesthetic of your surroundings.
  • Dark Cappuccino Finish: Finished in a rich and luxurious dark cappuccino hue, this floor mirror adds warmth and depth to your space. The deep, espresso-inspired tone complements a variety of decor styles, from traditional to contemporary, adding a touch of sophistication to any room.


  • Size: W29.75" x D23.25" x H75.50"
  • Weight: 44.87 lbs
  • Color: Brown
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